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2008-Jun-27 - Berlin



Chanta's bitch, Berlin, signs herself over to her mistress with a contract for 24 hours. During this time, Chanta can do what she pleases with her slave, at any time, any place. What Berlin does not expect is to be captured in her hotel room in the middle of the night, strapon fucked, then loaded into the back of a waiting van and rushed off the Factory. In her new confines she is collared and chained in a narrow, dark cell and left all alone. Unknown hands drop a key out of the darkness. Unable to resist the temptation to free herself from her lonely cell, Berlin tries the keys on her shackles. This brings on a severe punishment from her mistress, and out comes the flogger and the cattle prod. The discipline is continued with the bitch placed in strict bondage, with her cunt lifted up by counterweighting a concrete block to it, by resting her body weight on top of nail pads under her nipples, and finally with a vicious strapon ass fucking.
A new dimension : BEYOND THE FRONTIER. Sure, there is always this therapy office in San Fancisco for girls not "from the morning", lookink ugly at 5 a.m., quite sub type and lacking self-assurance : have a day into slavery with Chanta. And yes, through pains & pleasures, flogging & coming, they will improve and feel better - this is the "CLASSIC". Here is the "MODERN" : 1) the rythm found into the distance : a mix of restraint into movement & movement into immobility. Restraint into movement : go to the toilets wrists tied up, ride being flogged into a van bottom through streets, walk into Factory corridors blinded etc. Movement into immobility : be chained into the "shock corridor" alone screaming : huuullooow! Chaaantaaa?, tied from a ceiling with a catter prod in front, be hurted by the weigh of a concrete block, fucked into a sort of japanese bondage hook into asshole or fucked into ass in a prostrate position - then, surges the movement of feelings & face expressivity, with so many «oh! my god»... 2) the effect of realism from the colours, old school of filming (as in «Last house on the left» of the first Craven) : few colours with heavy contrasts, three often (white/pink/black ; or pink/black/green etc.) - magical! 3) last but not least, the playing of the actresses, not at all "over-playing" with of lot of fake, but playing right and "into it" really, Chanta very very minimalist, so very impressive, and Berlin getting her feelings pulled out of her face by real pains & real pleasures. And there is a storyline as main thread. So ! From a quasi rape into bed at the hotel to a quasi rape into bed at the Factory - the two mainly "sexually exciting" scenes framing the "affectives" ones between -, a trip BEYOND THE FRONTIER (of short classic shoots or TV pieces of shit as much, towards the dimension of "real cinema"). And, for Berlin, while getting beautifully faced through the process, a step too beyond the Frontier : her voice has changed into some viril tune and she doesn't look a sub anylonger in the interview : a very different women surges than the one of the precedent shoot - a domme?

-- regisjean

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2008-Jun-27 - Flower Tucci


Flower Tucci

Flower Tucci is new to BDSM and bondage, but she's well known for her prodigious squirting talents. Chanta Rose gags her, ties her to a wall, and flogs her front. The first of many forced orgasms is thrust upon her as weights are clamped to her nipples. Reversed into a pile-driver position, Flower Tucci's great snatch is filled with a large electrode and shocks are applied. This makes her cum so hard her cunt forcefully shoots the electrode out. So it's replaced with a nice ass plug. More squirts are forced out of her talented and generous pussy. Flower is suspended and Chanta Rose shoves her toes right into her asshole. More orgasms, more squirting. Finally her beautiful ass is strapon fucked, hard. Flower cums uncontrollably for one last time and buries her face into Chanta's ass for a well deserved licking.
I really, really loved this. Flower is very beautiful, and has a an amazing body. The part that turned me on most was when Chanta said she was being " a little shit". I love it when the other girl puts up a little resistant and Chanta has to work a little harder to control them. Which to me is always sexier:). Watching Flower squirt when she was bound upside down was defo my favourite part of the shoot because it was really messy and fun.

-- pjoseph

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2008-Jun-27 - Sandra Romain, Madison Young


Sandra Romain, Madison Young

A silly student, Madison gifts her teacher, Sandra Romain, a banana dripping in pussy juice. Sandra doesn't think this is funny at all and ties Madison Young back in a severe arch, exposing her pussy for a good working. Sandra jams Madison's panties down her throat, then suspends her bitch by one ankle and forces her to lick her ass and cunt. With a vibrator applied to her pussy and whipped hard with the classroom ruler, Madison has a hard orgasm, followed by a deep strapon fucking while bent forward in a strict strapado. Her final punishment is payback for her original sin, she's forced to lick Sandra Romain's strapon cock clean of her own cunt juices.
What a lovely classroom, with these "whore house" on the wall! Very theoretical atmosphere, indeed... Well! And what have we got into it? A young "ingenue" (word from France, guys) in bunches, with scottish uniform, and some gorgeous teacher with raven swing hear. So, this young Maddison has had green banana play alone with her "sandra" : see the scandal? Give her pussy her teacher's name! That's deserves school discipline! SO-SOOOH! Two dommes interfere to make it full : Chanta, behind the scene, with a "thought to be hard" bondage ; Sandra, on the scene, showing the soft side of her sadistic personality, believing that little excruciated person were to be comforted into pain... ERROR, great ERROR, guys! Under the classroom ingenue, you have an athlete here, just coming into town from the ranch I guess (Ah! the Far-West : always), who has played lassos with her brothers in her youth (she was the cow), and - who knows what happened into the high grass in the end when the suns were declining in those green days? I think she discovered the fakir trick of rising straight the rope, and this vertical thing arose her interest somehow... So : Chanta's bondage, however retraining, was very "comfortable" to her ; and Sandra's coolness a sort of sweet breeze upon her skin. Whahaaaa! This Maddison just fills the screen with her presence (French : «elle crève l'écran»), and while playing the ingenue wonderfully with her mimics (great time), kept lusting for hard rodeo at the end of some lasso (lasso's a bigger rope than bondage one). A domme, in substance, I fear it, and if I dare, here, TOPPING FROM THE BOTTOM actually...

-- regisjean

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2008-Jun-27 - Denice K


Denice K

Denice K is anxious about what awaits her when she meets Chanta Rose. She's thrown in head first with a solid flogging on the stretching rack. The forced orgasms administered here are followed by more ripped from her cunt on the ghetto Sybian. Still on the giant vibrator, she's stimulated with electrical shocks and cums uncontrollably while being slapped and zapped. These mixed emotions leave the bitch begging to be fucked hard, but instead she must worship her Mistress's feet and let her tits be flogged. Finally Denice is rewarded with a fierce strapon fucking so pleasurable it leaves the bitch squirting cunt juices all over the floor.
I thought this was the best shoot of the whole website !!! Denise is just wonderful, I really enjoyed her determined look and then when she came....... well overall top notch.

-- Gunzian

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2008-Jun-27 - Roma



Roma thought she was through with bondage, but is convinced to give it another shot with Chanta Rose. She's tied standing and clamps are applied to her tits. Lacking respect to her Mistress is not a good way to start, so her ass is brutally flogged and a dirty ball gag is shoved in her mouth. As her session progresses, Roma starts to change, to submit. The forced orgasms make up for her enduring the strict bondage. To receive more orgasms she gives her ass to Chanta, first with a metal hook, then to a strapon cock. Roma's training continues with cock worship and foot worship. Finally she's returned to her trunk and locked up.
(I only give 5's rarely). A cute girl. The trunk scene was very erotic. I had to laugh when she said that she'd never found any one "skilled enough" for bondage in her personal life because every single male on this site wanted to respond to that challenge.

-- HarleyG

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2008-Jun-27 - Dylan Ryan, Audrey Leigh


Dylan Ryan, Audrey Leigh

It's Audrey's turn to break Dylan Ryan, she has many challenges ready for her slave. Weights are applied to her pussy lips while her body is spread open by tight ropes, Audrey flogs her bitch hard, then she sticks an ass hook into her. Forceps force her pussy open and a big electrode is inserted. Audrey face-sits her slave while playing with the electro-stim controls. She gives herself an orgasm by rubbing her pussy all over Dylan's face, then goes back to flogging her bitch, tenderizing her for the upcoming strapon fuck where Audrey will take her ass. Dylan is made to clean up her cunt and ass juices before being mercilessly caned. Finally she's given her reward in forced orgasms for her submission.
Both of these ladies are beautiful with lovely sexy figures. Great action, great rigging, and a very nice caning at the end (pun intended). Good for you Dylan for taking that!

-- Siroco

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2008-Jun-27 - Nakita Kash


Nakita Kash

It's Nakita Kash's time to be assessed as a submissive slave in the Asylum. Chained in a cage, Nakita is subjected to a wicked shock treatment with the cattle prod. She bounces around trying to escape from her predicament and the pussy whipping. After squirting uncontrollably, she's punished by being bound to the examination table and her pussy lips are spread open with clothes pins. More flogging and more slapping quickly teach this bitch how to beg, Chanta likes this, and she rewards her whore by fucking her hard with her large strapon cock. Shock therapy follows with Nakita tied face down and electrodes shoved up her box. Having passed the test, the slut is covered in oil and carefully massaged all over, then a final whole-body orgasm is ripped from her hot body and the slut is sent on her way.
«The sound and the fury» : I was stoned when reading this book, because of BENJY. He is mad! So, why Faulkner here? Because this girl is mad! And we have something here too : she is a MILF (31)... Well, she lies to her husband from the beginning, because she has had ZERO orgasm with him, and because her best friend was her vibrator. See the scene? Wow! Finally, you got a woman here able to say "THANKS" once (and while) really fucked, and YES too (pfuiii! see the chance?), - but only after a session into Chanta's therapy office in San Fran [where you are fucked by Chanta herself, lesbian style, bad girls] = I want to say : her asylum. I have now unterstood the whole truth : women wouldn't exist anymore nowhere, if Chanta were not into the process of re-inventing them! Thanks, Chanta, for the deal (for us, guys - sorry lesbian ladies-!) ; but, if I am not Chanta herself doing the "male" role (you see, the idiot always), is she [Nikita - not Kroutchev, silly donkey!] ready to come with my dick (a natural one, this one)? Whahaaa! I feel inspired, guys, right now, see why? This girl was so" convulsive" into orgasms, that I would like to have been in the position of you know whom (in some good shapes)... Poor husband, I think he will never be allowed to view the shoot : just figure he hears something about his wife being such a screamer into orgasms at TF, himself just bored about his trying along so many years?

-- regisjean

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2008-Jun-27 - DragonLily, Trinity Post


DragonLily, Trinity Post

It's detention time for Trinity Post. Mistress DragonLily restrains her bitch with cuffs then begins flogging and spanking her ass to a tender red. With her panties stuffed in her throat, Trinity is made to dance around for her Mistresses' pleasure. She's then tied in a strapado and electrodes are applied to her tits and snatch. A heavy cement block weighs down her crotch rope, bringing her to the limit of her pain threshold. DragonLily ties Trinity down to the desk and viciously strapon fucks then face-sits her bitch. The punishment ends with the smart-mouthed student ordered to write lines with a butt-plug shoved up her ass.
One other humiliating way to punish a naughty school girl could be to apply that wax or tape you know on her pubic hair,and pull that wool right off.

-- Frants

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2008-Jun-27 - Audrey Hollander


Audrey Hollander

Shoots with Audrey Hollander are always off the charts. This time she takes some huge buttplugs, she's subjected to some mean floggings and face-sitting, and forced to cum more times than we could count. Chanta leaves teeth marks all around her pussy lips, shoves an hook up her ass first, then her entire fist. The lesbian domination is intense with a capital "I" in this not-to-be-missed shoot with a new Chanta's Bitch.
Chantas,are you crazy only giving this a 4-Good Shoot!I can't wait until you give a shoot a 5-Brilliant.The fist fucking was out of this world.

-- playkinky2

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2008-Jun-27 - Xana Star


Xana Star

Big breasted Xana Star confidently claims she can be bound and abused like she used to even though it's been a long time since she last was put in tight bondage. In classic Chanta style, the physical trial is equally matched with verbal and mental abuse. 1017, a name Xana went by a long time ago when she first had to prove she really was tough, shows herself to be quite the soldier. Shocks from the cattle prod and a hard anal strapon fucking leave their mark, but the slave hangs in there. Finally it's the clothes pinning of her cunt lips that bring her to the breaking point. She receives a string of forced orgasms as a reward for her toughness and bravery, enough to continue handing over all control to her Mistress.
Xana looks hot assfucked with her feet in the air. I hope Chanta will assfuck Xana doggystyle next time!

-- Orwell

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2008-Jun-27 - Berlin, Satine Phoenix


Berlin, Satine Phoenix

Mz. Berlin is being trained as a Domme, so Chanta Rose orders her slave for the day to be difficult. As Berlin works on Satine, Chanta takes notes and occasionally joins in to discipline not only the slave, but also the Domme. Being dominated by two controlling women turns Satine on, and she cums hard a few times. But this being Dominant to one woman and submissive to another is hard on Berlin. Satine can't get enough of the flogging and restrictive bondage. With clothes pins all over her body, the harsh BDSM makes her scream in pain and intense pleasure. Her cunt is fucked hard and deep by Berlin's large strapon cock while her tits are slapped and tormented by Chanta. Ordered to suck the strapon clean, her final humiliation is to bury her tongue deep into Berlin's ass.
I just wanted to state for the record that Satine can be my lesbian sex slave anytime, by proxy or otherwise.

-- Mz Berlin

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2008-Jun-27 - Sasha Grey


Sasha Grey

Hot Sasha Grey is one dirty slut when it comes to sucking cock and getting fucked on camera. But is she capable of handling tough and harsh BDSM the same way as she handles rough sex? See for yourself as Sasha is put through her paces in tight bondage and harsh corporal punishment. Her pussy is shown no mercy, flogged and cattle-prodded until well past tender, powerful orgasms are ripped from her cunt against her will, she's smothered by Chanta's big ass, she's slapped repeatedly, and finally suspended and given a hard and deep strapon fucking. Her final act of submission and humiliation is to prove her deep-throat skills on her cruel Mistress's dripping strapon cock.
Sasha is a young very hot girl & I am luck enough to have seen her on a few other sites. My only slight (but) is I wish she would trim those pubic's a little, as I think it would be so much nicer for her many many fans. Love you anyway Sasha.

-- M3144

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2008-Jun-27 - Berlin, Kristine


Berlin, Kristine

We found a great new slave at Twisted Factory. This bitch has anal orgasms and she's tough, very tough. Mz. Berlin gets to work on her bitch tied in a reverse prayer, she applies the clothespins all over and canes her ass without mercy. Tied up and suspended, Kristine quickly learns not to be fresh with Berlin when a light flogging becomes a severe bum beating. Berlin sticks an electric butt plug into Kristine and turns up the voltage. The bitch can take it all the way to full voltage and loves every minute of it. Her ass gives her one powerful orgasm after another. Berlin uses her slave to pleasure herself, strapping a dildo gag to her face and forcing her to fuck her hard then harder. Berlin then fucks her slave's ass with her own strapon cock, leaving an exhausted and thoroughly happy slave.
not the best...wake me when it's over...

-- ignatsthegreat

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2008-Jun-27 - Claire Dames


Claire Dames

Claire Dames starts off on the wrong foot, as punishment for mouthing off she is gagged and nipple clamps are applied. This bitch may not be a real submissive, but the lesbian domination she will be subjected to certainly will give her an adjustment. She is roughly slapped around and flogged, her cunt is immobilized with a nice crotch rope, and an electrified butt plug is pushed into her ass. After an extensive education treatment in which her ass is fucked very thoroughly (for the first time in a BDSM shoot no less), she starts breaking down and begs for something "nice", whatever that means. Chanta takes it to mean a soothing baby oil massage while her bitch is pulled up by wrist ties. At the end of the spa treatment the boxes Claire Dames was standing on are pulled from under her and she's left hanging by her wrists.
Another stunningly sexy model....How about some extreme strangulation on this site?

-- English dominator

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2008-Jun-27 - Tia Lydia, DragonLily


Tia Lydia, DragonLily

DragonLily has no time for one more immature college girl that comes to her office for an examination and acts silly. What this bitch needs is a good dose of domination and abuse. DragonLily ties her bitch with her arms above her head, hangs weights from her perky tits, and begins flogging and tormenting her. A rough clit rubbing and Tia's body starts convulsing as the orgasms come on. With an electrode shoved into her pussy and the voltage turned higher and higher, Tia begs to be fucked. DragonLily does just that, with deeper and faster strokes of her strapon. DragonLily has no doubts, this bitch needs much more practice to grow out of her silliness and become a better fuck.
Trust me JK, we treat this completely as a business and as much as I would love to have devices they are very expensive and rarely fit more than a few models. Insex was turning over more than $200,000 a month, needles to say, they had the $$$ to have all kinds of resources! Our studio has over a dozen sets and although you may not like them all, we have spent a lot of time and money creating them, which I promise you, the huge majority of companies do not do. I would really like for you to start a thread on the forum suggesting new sets, etc that you would like to see as we are always looking to build more. Thanks, Chanta!

-- Chanta

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2008-Jun-27 - Lexi Love


Lexi Love

Dirty little slut Lexi Love says she's an innocent girl, but admits she loves getting fucked hard in the ass - how innocent is that ... Chanta wastes no time in getting it across to her that there will be no lying and half truths here. The intensity and pain of the bondage and verbal abuse are all too real. Lexi is placed in suspension bondage and several powerful orgasms are forced on her. She is powerless, her Mistress dominates her totally and dishes out the orgasms as she pleases.
Lexi Love is so hot. Just wish she'd trim that pussy a bit better.

-- assman

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2008-Jun-27 - Berlin, Delilah Strong


Berlin, Delilah Strong

This is one hot and intense anal training shoot. A very slutty Delilah is the target of Mz. Berlin's dirty and sadistic desires. Her asshole is in for the mother of all stretches. The bitch is placed in shackles and chained to the floor. She crawls around on all fours like a dirty bitch does, a butt plug is sunk deep into her ass hole, and her pussy lips are abused with metal clamps. If you think the flogging, the verbal humiliation, and the sharp spanking are a lot to take, well they actually made this slut really horny. Thus Delilah starts begging, begging to be made to cum. But now it's Mz. Berlin's turn to orgasm, she forces her bitch to lick her cunt and ass, she cums, she cums all over her bitch's face, and the cum juices make Delilah lick even harder. As a reward for a licking well done, Berlin picks up the Samurai electrode and plants it into Delilah's hungry ass. Her ass nicely warmed up, it's time to get to work with the strapon. Is this enough butt play? Not even close. Delilah begs for more, and more she gets. Berlin stretches out her ass hole, and little by little her entire hand sinks right in. So begins Delilah Strong's first ever anal fisting ....
Welcome, Mz Berlin, to real dome space! But, because I am a naughty guy, and a real schizophrenic person, I have chosen not to post my comment into one piece! See the wierd side of the things? So, What I am saying here is just the "exordium" of what I want to say [because of european time gap, I have sometimes some advance]. We have here one of the best shoots ever of TF Factory, and the best shoot actually of Mz Berlin as a dome at TF. Ah! «Night queen» Vs «Day sow»! If I start the topic, I am fired about my intentions! This shoot deserves a 5 rate without any problem, I must say, you just become "plugged". Great time (see you later).

-- regisjean

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2008-Jun-27 - Victoria Vonn


Victoria Vonn

Victoria Vonn is a fresh discovery, BDSM is new to her. What looks easy turns out to be anything but, and the severity of her predicament starts hitting home about half way into her shoot with Chanta Rose. After a severe flogging in hard bondage she's forced to cum, and cum, and cum. Tied in a knee-point and with electrodes delivering a sharp reminder of where she is, her cunt is forced into the receiving end of Chanta's strapon cock. With tears running down her beautiful face all traces of her original cockiness are gone, now she's begging for her Mistress' mercy and forgiveness. Where is she now she wonders, caught somewhere in a subspace of intense pleasure and dull pain. How did she get into this predicament, what's next, how will it end, will it end ... Kinky sex is definitely her new frontier.
Goethe is the writer who started the typical German style of novel with his «Wilhem Meister» : the "apprenticeship novel". Chanta here, with a girl whose name has German origin, starts the "apprenticeship shoot" in BDSM. I know, she has started before newbies to - BDSM, domination by woman, bondage a.s.o. : eg. Satine in an early shoot, Roma in a recent shoot etc. But in these shoots, you got "training", not "apprenticeship". Training of newbies is light welcome to BDSM (we have many shoots of this sort at CB., from dead fishes to fine newcomers). New (for the site) girls shoots exist too, with tough models, the most terrific ones ever being Julie Night in her first shoot on the site, Sasha Grey, Audrey Hollander and recently Kristine (who is not a newbie in fact, and the first are porn professional). Here, I think, we have the first real "apprenticeship shoot", which means, in the short length of a shoot, complete hard training for a newcomer. This supposes a girl able to endure the apprenticeship. That's the case here, for Victoria has, what I would like to call : "room" into mind. It is obvious through the shoot : through pains or in pleasures, you are not at skin level of sensations, but sensations arouse an "echo" into the mind, and the girl is just listening (at conscious level, eyes risen to the ceiling) to this unknown rendering into herself in order to learn who is she. The only model before her who has had this capacity is Berlin, in her first shoot, but the pains were light there, when here you got an ordeal. In the tragic atmosphere of the black room, which focuses the light on the persons, Chanta, in black and red dress of a sort of female beetle, rotates pain experiences pushed to the limit of the model and pleasure relieves. At a relentless speed, without giving the impression of moving. So extreme intensity and concentration of action. This girl is one of the two recordwomen of orgasms on the site (11), but the absolute recordwoman as speed concerned (in clip 3 : 7 orgasms in 7' - what a terrific person!). As for the pains, she agreed to go to her limit, specially end of clip 4 and clip 5 where she reaches the point of the tears and breakdown from suffering in bondage. Chanta must have trusted very much her feeling of the psychological depth of this girl to have pushed her to such levels in one of her best doming roles. So, a complete apprenticeship and not mere training. Everything is magnificent in this shoot which is in my mind one of the most impressive of Twisted Factory : a masterpiece - native real BDSM.

-- regisjean

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2008-Jun-27 - Audrey Leigh, Angelina Valentine


Audrey Leigh, Angelina Valentine

Audrey Leigh catches Angelina Valentine skipping class hiding in the bathroom. Blackmailing Angelina with a picture, threatening her to show it to the principal, she gets her new bitch to agree to do anything. What, we wonder, will Audrey demand of her hot little sex slave ... Angelina never thought "agreeing to anything" would mean getting her clothes torn off, nipple clamps applied to her big tits, and being spanked and flogged. Angelina discovers that pain and humiliation can be also very pleasurable, and she cums several times. Now that Audrey knows this sexy bitch is also nasty, she spreads her wide open by tying her wrists and ankles, she forces her to cum again, and this time she squirts like a fountain. Audrey bends her wet bitch over a table and fucks her hard and deep with her strapon cock. Finally satisfied, Audrey forces Angelina to lick her strapon clean, and leaves her tied spread-eagle on the table for anyone to find her and fuck her some more.
If this shoot suffers in comparison of the heavyweight ones which have fallen as a thick rain in recent times (Victoria Vonn & Chanta ; Delilah Strong & Berlin ; Claire Dames & Chanta ; Kristin & Berlin ; Sasha Grey & Chanta ; Berlin, Satine Phoenix & Chanta ; Audrey Hollander & Chanta... Impressive!), being itself on the light side ; it has not to be underrated in its own right. Funny storyline (blackmail and punishment for smoking in the toilets), unity of space (school bathroom), nice comedy play between Audrey, always chuckling with mean grins and suggesting sadism, and Angelina playing the tearful student, quite a noisy girl with fine plans of her face reversed while screaming. Good fuck scene in the end (this girl's a damned squirter!). The usual tatoos, one on the left forearm, the other above the pussy : «Dios te bendiga bendición» = God bless you (pfuiii!). An entertaining shoot, Audrey inspired and into rhythm, Angelina showing fair feedback.

-- regisjean

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2008-Jun-27 - Sara Faye


Sara Faye

Kinky and innocent-looking is a powerful combination. Sara Faye is a pain slut and loves bondage. She's spanked hard and often, her red ass a proof of the no-nonsense blows she's received. Although a BDSM lover, Sara has never tried electroplay and has never been expertly face-slapped. Today this will change. Her cunt is warmed up with a solid whipping followed by a hard strapon fuck. She's ordered to worship Chanta's feet and to lick her large ass. So how did Sara like this new exposure to serious BDSM play? Click here to find out .....
I liked this shoot a lot...there was just something different than normal, something that seemed off to me. I cannot place what I am feeling right now but it was just a sense I got. Sara is very cute...I absolutely loved the "flying" tie...I enjoy seeing the pieces of wood used in bondage...that was a cool position.

-- staceyp

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